For the love of pastels

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Every girl next door, or at least most girls in your neighborhood, listens to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

I thank him regularly for the collection of love songs and my soft spot for boys with long hair.

Each song on “Hard Promises” sweetly melts into the next like an ice cream flavor. It’s a series of endearing tales of love written in true 1980s fashion.

The album doesn’t skip a beat. It prances through all the facets of romance from longing to heartbreak.

This pastel top with crochet flowers warms my heart in the same way as the music. I paired it with high-waisted shorts and yellow wedges with flowers.

The outfit is adorable enough to win over even the heartthrobs who don leather jackets and tight pants.

The album's cover art is equally charming, featuring Tom Petty at a standstill in front of a spinning rack of 45 LPs.

The simplistic storytelling that guides your heartbreak during the “Letting You Go” moments and the “You Can Still Change Your Mind” moments convinces you that love is complicated.

And yes Tom Petty, you were right. Waiting really is the hardest part.

The outfit:

Top - Target

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Shorts - Dainty Hooligan

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Shoes - G by Guess

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The record:

"Hard Promises" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers