Been through the desert

Photos by Nick Tomecek

This album is a journey.

It is amazing America’s greatest hits were not all originally from the same album, because it progresses as if they were carefully selected to flow into one another. It takes you through the ups and downs of life with a lightheartedness most groups can’t even imagine.

This steady folk rock band can charm you any day of the week.

It might be soft, but there is so much depth to this album. The parallels of “I Need You” and the military references in “Sandman’s” lyrics are compelling without being pushy.

“I understand you’ve been running from the man

That goes by the name of the Sandman

He flies the sky like an eagle in the eye

Of a hurricane that’s abandoned”

The eye-catching, white album cover complements the feminine, cactus-print romper with ruffle trim. The one piece is as darling as the three-part harmonies in every song.

I imagine wearing this appropriately-patterned outfit in a desert where every horse is unnamed and it feels good to be out of the rain.

I bob my head as soon as “Woman Tonight” comes on and I sing every “La” in “A Horse with No Name.” I hope you will, too.

I recommend listening to these guys on a road trip. It might be a patriotic experience.

The outfit:

Romper - Blue Spero

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Sunglasses - Charming Charlie

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Shoes - Forever 21

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The album:

America's Greatest Hits - America