Shoulders and shivers

A fashion blogger stands in her kitchen in a floral, off-the-shoulder blouse and jeans.

A music blogger holds Walk the Moon's self-titled album in her lap.

A music blogger holds the self-titled vinyl record by Walk the Moon.

A style blogger wears tan, suede lace-up heels.

Photos by Nick Tomecek

When I listen to a record, I make it my own.

This is why when I listen to Walk the Moon’s self-titled first album, I imagine every pop-rock song is about me. In “Quesadilla,” Nicholas Petricca sings about my long hair coming down, in “Jenny” the freckles on my shoulders and in “I Can Lift a Car” about how I can do anything.

With these songs, I can.

I play “Walk the Moon” while I get ready for a night out. It makes me certain the evening will be everything I need it to be, not unlike the album.

You might find it easy to pinpoint my favorite song, as it’s the one I play repeatedly until I’m five to 20 minutes late for my plans.

“Fixin’” has this certain spark I search for in every artist’s music. It’s whimsical and uncertain, just how I prefer my life.

Don't even tell me where, we are going Hands over my eyes, hands over my eyes Don't even tell me where, we are going Just walk, just walk, by my side

“Shiver Shiver” and “Tightrope” are playful songs that carry with them a youthful sense of hope. For this reason, I had to pair the album with an outfit that does the same.

The romantic top easily dresses up jeans, and I added the tan, lace-up heels for a trendy touch. The look could work for a relaxed day exploring or a date night.

My off-the-shoulder, floral blouse blends nicely with this nearly impressionistic album art. Although, don’t ask me why I’m in the least used room in my home in this photo.

The album’s two singles, “Anna Sun” and “Tightrope” are a good place for you to start. Both provide an upbeat listening experience that many will enjoy.

I might be one of few people still coveting every track on Walk the Moon’s second album from 2012. But, just so you know, I’m not over it.

The Outfit:

Top: Boutique

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Jeans: American Eagle

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Shoes: Forever 21

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