Write this way

Photos by Nick Tomecek

This album is fire.

From “Dream On” to “Come Together,” "Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits" rips you apart and pulls you back together.

When I was in eighth grade, a boy asked me if I liked Aerosmith. I said “Dream On,” and I meant it. Still do.

A few years later, I injured my knee playing soccer around the same weekend Steven Tyler fell off the stage at a concert in South Dakota. When someone brought me a stuffed animal as a “get well” gift, I deemed it fate and named the blue bear Steven Tyler.

It started an ongoing trend of me naming things after rock stars. Any guesses for the item I named Robert Plant?

I digress.

I have loved Aerosmith since I was a teenager. It is known as one of the greatest rock ’n’ roll bands, which is why I chose a rock ’n’ roll outfit.

I often don't know if fringe is in style, but I love this skirt and the way it moves.

To make the outfit work, I paired the skirt with something I know is in style, a red lace-up top. This halter is a statement piece on its own.

I topped off the outfit with show-stopping heels. These black platform heels are as wicked as this record.

I could easily see myself strutting around in this number to “Walk this Way.”

Honestly, every song on this album is hard-hitting. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics smash effortlessly into the works of guitar Gods.

The compilation is a sex symbol matched with dynamite cover art.

The Outfit:

Top: Forever 21

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Skirt: Boutique

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Shoes: Forever 21

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