Sinatra sleek

Photos by Nick Tomecek

If you can’t tell by the album title, “She Shot Me Down” is not cheery.

Sinatra was shot down by his baby, and no amount or crying or drinking will heal his heart. The entire album is an ode to absent goodbyes and hopeless tomorrows.

The first song, “Good Thing Going (Going gone),” ethereally illustrates the way love slips away, something with which most of us are familiar. In this, I’m impressed with how Sinatra is dreamy and practical at the same time.

This is consistent throughout the album. Sinatra’s lyrics are straightforward in a way that uncomplicates feelings, likely why so many find his music appealing.

It does not hurt that the music makes you feel like you’re in a 1940s film noir, especially in “A Long Night” and “Bang Bang.”

You may have noticed, the album is not full of Sinatra hits. It does not mean you won’t love this half-hour of heartbreak.

When I think of Sinatra’s deep voice, I can’t help but wear a black ensemble. It’s why I paired the album with a sleek black jumpsuit.

The tie around the waist and vest-style collar makes this look ideal for the transition from work to evening. I feel as if I’m equally likely to go to work in this outfit as I am to enjoy a glass of wine.

Rather than opting for all black, I added a pair of gray pointed heels. For me, this channeled the smoke on the album’s cover.

You may not have heard of this album, but I think it embodies classic Sinatra. If you want to get to know his style of music, it’s a great place to begin.

“She Shot Me Down” is the endless pity party you actually want to attend.

The Outfit:

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Heels - Target (Merona)

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