Spooky Stevie

The "Wild Heart" vinyl record by Stevie Nicks sits on a bench next to a hot pink pumpkin.
A fashion blogger poses on a bench next to a hot pink pumpkin.

A fashion blogger poses on a bench next to a hot pink pumpkin and the "Wild Heart" vinyl record by Stevie Nicks.

A fashion blogger poses in a black and white pinstripe romper with bell sleeves.

A beauty blogger shows off Urban Outfitters' hologram nail polish.

The "Wild Heart" vinyl record by Stevie Nicks sits next to a matching light pink pumpkin.

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Happy Halloween to my spooky sisters with wild hearts.

There is no better way to celebrate the holiday than with Stevie Nicks’ witchy “Wild Heart” album cover, painted pumpkins and a witchy outfit to match.

Like many 1980s albums, Stevie’s second solo album is synthesizer-heavy but in a good way. It’s accompanied with Stevie’s signature powerhouse vocals, dreamy lyrics and catchy rhythms.

For my accompanying outfit, I wear a pinstripe romper with bell sleeves, heart choker and lace-up heels. It’s a feminine and gothic look that, with a witch hat, could double as a Halloween costume.

I plan to wear this ensemble to my first Stevie Nicks concert this November. Follow Savannah Off the Record on social media for live updates from the show.

The album begins with “Wild Heart,” a song that transitions from ballad to anthem in a dynamic 6-minute period. It continues in a similar fashion with “If Anyone Falls” and “Gate and Garden.”

It takes a turn with “Enchanted,” a quick-paced track with surprisingly unhappy lyrics.

In the song, someone is enchanted with Stevie, but the relationship does not work out. She concludes that her destiny in relationships will involve her running.

I think the song encompasses Stevie’s appeal personally and musically. She enchants others, but it is not always a rewarding experience for her.

“Nightbird” is my favorite track on the album and the Stevie song I relate to most. The lyrics of this song to reflect the grief Stevie experiences after the death of her best friend Robin.

It also recognizes her constant readiness for the worst to happen.

“And the summer became the fall

I was not ready for the winter

It makes no difference at all

‘Cause I wear boots all summer long”

“Stand Back” is another one of my favorites. Prince played the synthesizers for this powerful track, and you can tell.

“I Will Run To You” is another song with notable accompaniment, featuring Tom Petty. “Wild Heart” proves if you like one Stevie song, you will probably like them all.

For Halloween, let this record bewitch you.

The outfit:

Romper - Blu Spero

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Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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Choker- Boohoo

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Lipstick - "Dark Era," NYX

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Nail polish - "Hologram," Urban Outfitters

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