Leather and love

A music blogger stands next to the "Kin" vinyl record by Larkin Poe.

A fashion blogger wears a gray romper.

A fashion blogger wears a gray romper.

A style blogger wears a gray romper.

A fashion blogger drapes a leather jacket over her shoulders.

A fashion blogger puts on a leather jacket.

A fashion blogger wears a gray romper and black leather jacket.

A fashion blogger holds open her black leather jacket.

A style blogger poses in her gray romper and black leather jacket.

A fashion blogger poses in a gray romper, black leather jacket and gray pointed heels.

Photos by Nick Tomecek

I am a sucker for girl bands.

I can’t help it. I’m 100 percent girl power all the time.

You add in instruments and leather jackets, and I’m hooked.

When I saw Larkin Poe was touring with one of my favorite artists of all time, Elvis Costello, I had to check them out. After hearing only the first five seconds of “Don’t,” I ordered “Kin” on vinyl.

Larkin Poe, an Atlanta-based rock band, is composed of sisters Rebecca Lovell and Megan Lovell. “Kin” is the duo’s debut album, followed up by the re-released follow-up album, “Reskinned.”

Since I ordered “Kin,” I have listened to it at least 30 times. My favorites in order: “Elephant,” “Don’t,” “Sugar High” and “Stubborn in Love.”

“Elephant” and “Don’t” are the anthems I never I knew I needed, and “Stubborn Love” is a tender interpretation of love’s endless but necessary difficulties. Every song on the album is worth a listen.

This record makes it clear that these women have two things I seek in every artist: 1. An understanding of romantic relationships. 2. A respect for classic rock.

I love that you can mostly categorize the group into the rock ’n’ roll genre, rather than straddling anywhere from three to 20 genres. The two don’t rely on electronic, pop or country sounds to display their talent.

Everything you need to know is in Rebecca’s powerful pipes and Megan’s wicked work on the Dobro. In fact, when I saw the guitar lying in Megan’s lap, I nearly cried of joy.

I paired “Kin” with one of my favorite new outfits, a gray romper with a vegan leather jacket and lace-up heels.

This gray romper is classy and sexy at the same time, a difficult feat. A leather jacket is my fall and winter trademark; it never leaves my side.

To be honest, it’s the kind of outfit in which I see these women rocking out.

To me, Larkin Poe is like coffee. It’s the musical wake-up call I needed to realize why I love music so much.

The outfit:

Jacket - Urban Outfitters

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Romper-Blu Spero

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Shoes - Target

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