Be still my heart

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Heart released its self-titled album smack dab in the middle of the 1980s, and you can tell.

The album art is a dead giveaway. The band looks downright theatrical in its ruffles, lace and prominent shoulders.

Not to mention, each member’s hair adds at least two inches to his or her height. Regardless, I still want to hang out with them.

I paired “Heart” with an outfit as show-stopping as theirs. I chose a lace-up top with large, bright-colored flowers, flared jeans and lace-up heels.

The vibrant colors in this blouse stand out in a way I know will transcend seasons. Like the top, the album withstands the test of time.

“Heart” alternates between the classic hair metal-influenced songs such as “If Looks Could Kill” and “Shell Shock” and the love ballads such as “What About Love” and “Nothin’ At All.” The band’s eighth album was one hit after another.

“These Dreams” is arguably the most notable song on the album. It was originally offered to Stevie Nicks, but she turned it down, according to

“Never” is my favorite song on the record. It has a steady rhythm that immediately makes me sway my head back and forth and reach for my heart.

Walk those legs right over here Give me what I'm dying for One chance, one love Hold me down, let me go

Be still, my heart.

It’s no mystery why I’m drawn to this band.

Heart is built around two women, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, and there is almost nothing I relate to more than female rockers.

Heart lyrics are often demanding and confident, evoking a sense of power. It’s the kind of feminism I love to hear.

When embrace my soft, poetic side, I listen to Stevie Nicks. When I channel my inner rock star, I listen to Heart.

The outfit:

Top - Forever 21

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Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters

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Heels - Forever 21

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