It's Pinback

A fashion blogger wears a layered outfit for a fall fashion look.

A style blogger puts on a medium-brim, black fedora.

A fashion blogger wears a layered outfit for a fall fashion look.

A fashion blogger wears a layered outfit for a fall fashion look.

A fashion blogger puts on a black, medium-brim fedora.
"Information Retrieved" vinyl record by Pinback sits in fall leaves.

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Pinback is always the band playing in the background when someone asks, “Who is this?”

The alternative group is all angst packed into a distinct sound that you can never quite put your finger on. Sometimes you wait for something to happen, sometimes you try to sing along and other times you explain to the person next to you why this band is worth a listen, or 10.

Pinback is one of my favorite underrated bands.“Information Retrieved” is my go-to record when I’m sitting at home at night and can’t decide which album to set my needle on.

The record begins with “Proceed to the Memory,” a quintessential pop-rock track and an ideal way to acquaint yourself with Pinback’s laidback sound.

It moves forward with “Glide,” “Drawstring” and “Sherman,” three classically calm Pinback tracks with a hint of dark subtext.

Despite its steadiness, the album has a few standout numbers.

“Diminished” is a traditional Pinback track combined with perfectly-paced piano chords that sound nearly old-fashioned. Then, there is “Sediment,” which completely captures me every time I hear it.

In retrospect, I am more drawn to the b-side of this record.

“A Request” and “Denslow, You Idiot!” are not the songs you wait until the end of the album to hear.

I’m not sure if it’s the dark blue cover art or musical references to water, but this record reminds me of the ocean. Perhaps it’s because the songs flow toward you in undeniably steady, mesmerizing waves that never let up.

I paired the record with a layered outfit that translates better in day-to-day life than in photos.

I first layered a lace tank top over a thin, long-sleeve thermal. Then, I paired it with a black mini-skirt, knee-high socks, black fedora and gray combat boots.

I always long for fall, so I can cozy up in a dark, feminine outfit and fall in love with this album again.

“Who is this?” you ask. It’s Pinback.

The outfit:

Hat - H&M

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Thermal - Ecote (Urban Outfitters)

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Tank top - Chloe & Katie

Skirt - Forever 21

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Socks - Target

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Boots - Steve Madden

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