Summer town

A fashion blogger wears a long-sleeve, burgundy romper with bell sleeves paired with a chunky necklace and boots.

A music blogger holds up the "Ursa Major" vinyl record by Third Eye Blind.

A music blogger holds up the "Ursa Major" vinyl record by Third Eye Blind.

A music blogger holds up the "Ursa Major" vinyl record by Third Eye Blind.

Third Eye Blind's "Ursa Major" vinyl record sits in the grass.

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Third Eye Blind is the band that made ‘90s pop rock cool.

It’s still cool, by the way.

“Ursa Major” is an excellent representation of the band’s small collection and no far departure from the rock band’s latest album, “We Are Drugs”. The album is a shout out to every Converse-wearing, leather jacket-owing potential hipster of any gender.

The album kicks off with “Can’t Take Me,” the quintessential, amped-up pop anthem. It continues to rev up with “Don’t Believe a Word,” in which you can begin to sink your teeth into the band’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

I adore Stephan Jenkins’ vocal style and lyrics on the A-side of this record. He spouts off clever verses so quickly they might be mistaken for rap verses.

As you can see by the autographed cover, I picked up this record at a Third Eye Blind concert at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. I have cherished it ever since.

I typically spin this record in the summer, but listening to it this fall has been a game-changer. Lyrics like those to “Summer Town,” suddenly make more sense than ever.

Shiver in the wind it shows

All I have are summer clothes

Oh and it brings me down when it’s winter time in a summer town

Living near the beach in a tourist town, “Summer Town” hits home in every possible way. It’s shameless how many times I have listened to this song.

In general, the lyrics suggest Jenkins has a deep understanding of the nuances of culture and the human condition.

The B-side is equally enticing but with a slower pace and different sound. It’s less in-your-face but makes the ideal counterpart to Third Eye Blind’s signature pop tracks.

I paired the record with a classic fall outfit, an oxblood, long-sleeve romper with bell sleeves and knee-high boots.

Side note: Please excuse the wrinkles. My iron is broken.

The outfit:

Romper – Target

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Necklace – Target

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Boots – Maurice’s

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