Things you don't outgrow

A music blogger holds an "Under the Table and Dreaming" vinyl record by Dave Matthews Band.

A fashion blogger wears an old concert T-shirt, mini skirt, knee socks and a hooded sweater.

A style blogger wears a hooded, long sweater.

Dave Matthews Band's vinyl record "Under the Table and Dreaming" sits in the grass.

Photos by Nick Tomecek

I should start by mentioning that this T-shirt and record are borrowed from my boyfriend.

I should also mention that I enjoy Dave Matthews distinct, recognizable voice as much as the next person. I also secretly despise DMB, Dave Matthews Band, as much as the next person.

Confusing, I know.

“Under the Table and Dreaming” is the band’s 1994 debut album that developed its mainstream audience. DMB lovers latched onto tracks such as “What Would You Say,” “Jimi Thing,” “Ants Marching” and fan favorite, “Satellite.”

I’m not ashamed to say that I would hold up a lighter for the slow, whimsical pop track “Satellite.”

Satellite strung from the moon

And the world your balloon

Many people criticize DMB that its extensive discography is made up of albums that sound similar to this one. My response to this: How could it not?

Dave Matthews’ vocals are consistently low and nasally, something only Jimmy Fallon might be able to imitate. Some people love it, and some people hate it.

I’m on the fence, but I genuinely appreciate when Matthews musters up a deep grumble like at the end of “Rhyme & Reason.”

The band has obvious musical talent and I cling hard to my 90s favorites. They bring memories of times when ironing boards and washing machines were less important.

If you’re going to listen to a DMB album, make it this one. Give the group a chance before scouring the Internet for articles such as’s “5 reasons we love to hate Dave Matthews Band.”

I matched this album with an outfit close to my heart: My boyfriend’s outgrown concert T-shirt, my favorite long sweater hoodie and my coveted burgundy mini-skirt.

Listening to this band will feel as comfortable as wearing your boyfriend’s worn-down T-shirt.

Some things you just don't outgrow.

The outfit:

Sweater - Ecote (Urban Outfitters)

For similar styles, visit Urban Outffitters.

T-shirt - My boyfriend's closet

Skirt - Brandy Melville

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Socks - Target

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Boots - Target

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