Bad girl

Photos by Nick Tomecek

“Aja” is the slickest record ever made.

Steely Dan’s sixth album makes an appearance in nearly every music connoisseur’s record collection and for good reason. The jazz rock band displays a level of flawless musicality that won a Grammy for Best Engineered Non-Classical Recording.

The group carries with it a combination of relaxed jazz and upbeat pop that many people fondly associate with the 1970s.

The funk influence in the album’s opening track “Black Cow” beckons listeners. I enjoy the pace of the bass guitar alternating with the horn section.

From there, you will hear “Aja,” a smoother jazz experience than “Black Cow.”

The record is named after the 7-minute song that dominates the album and is often considered a classic. I’m particularly keen on the drum solo in the last minute of the song.

As an added bonus, the lyrics have a romantic touch that suggests relationships are a stress-reliever.

“When all my dime dancin’ is through

I run to you”

“Deacon Blues” has a morbid tone that reflects depression and desolation.

I look forward to turning over the album for “Peg,” my favorite song on the album. It’s a lively track, though I’m not sure what the lyrics mean.

The record slows down with “Home at Last” and then moves on to incredible guitar work with “I Got the News.”

It concludes with “Josie,” a song about the bad girl.

When I’m in the mood for jazz, I’m in the mood to wear black. I paired this record with an edgy, black outfit featuring a star-print blouse, skinny jeans and a velvet choker.

I love this album, and enjoy hearing Steely Dan’s influence in young bands such as Kings of Convenience.

The record is rich. It makes me want to drink scotch, use words like “sensational” and throw my head back when I laugh.

“Aja” is as grand as they come.

The outfit:

Top - Forever 21

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Jeans - Free People

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Choker - Forever 21

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