Cowboys from Hell

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Pantera's “Walk” EP limited edition 20th anniversary red vinyl was my metal debut.

It features two versions of “Walk,” “Cowboys From Hell, “Heresy,” “F****** Hostile,” and “By Demons Be Driven.”

“Walk” is the ultimate Pantera song, angry and threatening. I used to listen this on cassette tape while I walked around my former college’s campus.

I love to sing along, because there is almost nothing more ironic than a tiny, feminine woman singing lyrics such as “No way, punk.” I don’t love the cervical dub extended version of “Walk,” but the cervical edit is killer.

I thoroughly enjoy the guitar solo at the 3-minute mark. It transitions easily to and from the renowned riff that made this song so popular and wickedly catchy.

“F****** Hostile” (biomechanical mix) is a fast-paced track made for metal lovers to enjoy brunch to.

“By Demons Be Driven” (biomechanical mix) is as demonic as it sounds. The mix adds depth to the song, giving it an almost pop rhythm.

“Cowboys From Hell” is my second favorite song on the album, featuring the screechy screams I yearn for with Pantera. And honestly, could there be a more brilliant idea for a metal song lyrically than cowboys from hell?

I think not.

The whole song summons a vision of a lasso with spikes.

And you all together run for cover

We’re takin over this town

Pantera could definitely take over a town. I might even presume an entire county.

I paired this record with an edgy outfit. I wore a skull-print top, soft moto-style jacket, black tattered jeans and black Vans slip-ons.

Listening to “Heresy” reminds me of how Pantera influenced slightly younger metal bands such as Disturbed. After spending some time with the group again, I might have enjoyed a few more albums.

The outfit:

Jacket- Express

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Top - JT Closet

Jeans - Free People

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Shoes - Vans

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