Of all the gin joints

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Rickie Lee Jones’ 1979 self-titled album is a necessity for any woman’s record collection.

The jazz-pop vocalist is a cornerstone member of female artists in the 1970s and 1980s.

The record begins with “Chuck E’s In Love,” a catchy pop song with a folk twist. It’s a song I wouldn’t question hearing in a coffee shop.

“On Saturday Afternoons in 1963” is a soft, reminiscent track about childhood and the passage of time. Despite the year in its title, the song applies today.

“Night Train” is a Jones’ favorite for many. It has a gorgeous sound, ideal to enjoy if you haven’t yet heard the full album.

“Young Blood” has a different vibe than other songs on the record. It flaunts Jones’ vocal range and features funky sounds and noticeable horn work.

I particularly love Rickie Lee Jones’ vocals, because she manages to sound juvenile and mature at the same time.

“Easy Money” and “Danny’s All Star Joint” are for the traditional jazz lovers.

“Last Chance Texaco” is a stunning and slow country-rock track with a steady build-up. I love when it reaches the climax at the three-minute mark, and Jones releases her voice in the high notes.

“Company” is a sad number about losing someone, whose company you miss dearly. It’s my favorite song on the album.

I'll see you in another life now, baby I'll free you in my dreams

“Rickie Lee Jones” concludes with “After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight),” a perfect somber ending to the record.

If you love this album, I suggest listening to blues vocalist Madeleine Peyroux. I perceive her as a funky as Jones, with muted-color albums and all.

The album cover depicts Jones as the ultimate hipster. She’s a wearing a beret, smoking and letting her wavy hair flow free.

I paired the album with a velvet, ginger-colored dress, double-buckle belt and black stiletto boots. This lush dress from Forever 21’s contemporary collection is my new favorite article of clothing.

The ensemble and record fit seamlessly with the setting. I posed for the photos at The Black Pearl, a lovely seafood restaurant on Okaloosa Island.

The outfit:

Dress - Forever 21

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Belt - LuLu's

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Boots- Kardashian Collection

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