Business, not casual

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Men At Work is revolutionary.

I find the Australian rock band as ingenious as Talking Heads. “Business As Usual,” the group’s 1981 debut album features pop-rock hits “Down Under” and “Who Can It Be Now?”

This record somehow manages to be musically innovative yet minimalistic. From the signature saxophone in “Who Can It Be Now?” to the classic flute sounds in “Down Under,” it changes the way I hear music.

The record shows how the group has a niche for timing and catchy instrumental riffs. Although the sound quality does not match today’s music, that’s part of what I enjoy about it.

This album defines easy listening.

Despite some consistent rhythms, almost every track on this record has a unique sound. “Catch a Star,” for instance, has a unique reggae feel that you don’t hear so distinctly in the other songs.

“I Can See It In Your Eyes” is my favorite song on the album. It’s whimsical, dreamy and a bit dismal.

I dream of the ships at sea, on a stormy night I wish that it was me, but I wake in fright

A few months ago, I requested “Down Under” at The Funky Blues Shack, a dueling pianos bar in Destin. It was my highlight of the night when the female pianist smiled and said, “Cool request.”

She performed a cool, dark rendition that rocked my world a little.

One of the best parts of owning Men At Work records is the cover art. “Business As Usual” and the band’s 1983 album “Cargo” are two of my favorite album covers in my collection.

I paired the record with an outfit that has all the business and none of the casual. The outfit includes a traditional black blazer, pleather leggings, tassel earrings and black stiletto heels.

I wouldn’t dare wear this glamorous ensemble to work, but I would wear it after. I’d definitely rock this at a dueling pianos bar.

If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend listening to “Business As Usual.” It’s an eclectic record composed of simplistic lyrics and eccentric sounds.

The outfit:

Earrings - Earthbound Trading Co.

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Blazer - Merona, Target

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Top - Honey Punch

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Leggings - Forever 21

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Shoes - Jessica Simpson

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