Sentimental rockstar

Photos by Nick Tomecek

I own more Elton John records than any other artist.

I have been itching to feature one of his records, but I didn’t know where to start. “11-17-70,” his first live album seemed like the best place.

I have gone to many concerts, afterward deciding a studio album would never capture an artist’s true voice. I love listening to live recordings and knowing that I’m getting in-the-moment versions of the music.

“11-17-70” truly captures Elton’s voice and showcases the piano in a way that modern concerts seldom do. The album art features Elton John’s outline as he crouches to play the piano.

The record hosts a few of my Elton favorites, such as “Your Song,” “Can I Put You On” and “Take Me To the Pilot,” a three-minute, soulful track. I won’t delve into the songs too much, because I will go over them with his other records in the future.

For this photo shoot, I chose a feminine outfit with an edgy touch. It seems fitting for Elton John, because he is the epitome of a sentimental rockstar.

I wear a black swing dress, lace-up choker, fishnet knee-high stockings and platform boots. The lace-up details in the choker and boots give this a really sexy, feminine touch.

If I could play piano, you can bet I would wear this outfit doing it.

The outfit:

Choker - Forever 21

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Dress - Target

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Stockings - Target

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Boots- Steve Madden

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