Blues & Baseball

Photos by Nick Tomecek

One look at this record, and I knew I would love it.

My friend bought Buddy Guy’s “Living Proof” as a birthday present for me a year ago, which seemed relevant as I just celebrated my birthday. To add to the timeliness, George “Buddy” Guy recently performed in Chicago with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, two other incredible musicians I love.

“74 Years Young,” the opening track, is my favorite on the record. It was also the perfect song to celebrate my birthday, as age no longer holds meaning once you hear Guy’s Grammy Award-winning blues music.

The 2010 album features nothing but soulful, been-around-the-block tracks with a hint of sass. The lyrics are everything you would expect from an old geezer.

When you’re down to your last dime

You ain’t got no hope or peace of mind

Just say a prayer, He’ll listen to you

I’m living proof

Buddy Guy is the coolest. Is it weird that I want kick it with someone whose 74 years young?

In “Living Proof,” Guy doesn’t skimp on guitar. “Thank Me Someday” and “On the Road” are made for blues-guitar loving fools who waste little time on lyrics. But, if you’re truly looking to bask in Guy’s rich, expressive voice, try “Where the Blues Begins” or “Key Don’t Fit.”

“Everybody’s Got To Go” and “Stay Around A Little Longer” have a gospel flair.

The album art is all blues with a sepia tone displaying Buddy Guy holding a guitar in a pinstripe jacket and hat. You also can’t ignore the 750 ml text in the bottom left corner, no doubt a reference to whiskey.

I posed for these photos in the baseball dugout at Ferry Park in Fort Walton Beach, and I can’t help but see a connection. Blues and baseball aren’t the most unlikely combination.

In the photos, I wear black bodycon dress, brown pleather jacket and black Vans slip-ons. It’s a casual outfit with a rock’n’roll touch, not unlike how I see blues music.

Buddy Guy is a blues legend, and this record is indeed living proof.

The outfit:

Jacket - Target

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Dress- Hot Kiss

Shoes - Vans

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