Some girls

Photos by Nick Tomecek

A lot of my Rolling Stones’ favorites are on this record.

The 1978 record “Some Girls” features “Miss You” and “Beast of Burden.” These rhythmic blues songs really get me. Plus, I love the cooing in the chorus of “Miss You” and the emphasis on the t’s in the “pretties” in “Beast of Burden.”

This album is just my speed.

If you’re not into the bluesy songs like the title track, this album has some Rolling Stones’ classics, too.

“When the Whip Comes Down” takes it back to Rolling Stones’ roots. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy track with the band’s boyish signature.

The record features “Just My Imagination,” a cover song originally from The Temptations. This song is close to my heart and I love that it’s on this record, though I admit I’m partial to the original version.

Brief personal anecdote:

Motown music and funk are what I call my musical home base. It’s the musical genre in which I feel the most comfortable, happy and generally satisfied.

Rock forces me to step out of my comfort zone. I’m not musically inclined enough to understand when it’s good or bad. I’m restricted to defining what I like in certain parts of certain songs on certain albums.

So there.

Anecdote over.

“Far Away Eyes” is another eclectic song on the record, a slow country song with more chanting than singing. I swear these kinds of tracks are a rite of passage for rock bands.

“Some Girls” concludes with “Shattered,” a song almost too fun to sing. Nothing is more freeing than bobbing your head and repeating “shattered” in the car with your friends.

Frankly, this record is meant to be danced to.

There is a lot of fun packed into this record, so I had fun styling the outfit. I wore an oversized Rolling Stones’ T-shirt, tied a mustard-color plaid button-down around it and layered a 3/4-sleeve leather jacket over both.

I also work black platform boots I have already featured but needed more air time.

Also, don’t you love this album cover? The faces peaking through cutouts embedded in bright color strips is graphic design genius.

Some girls don't like The Rolling Stones but only some.

The outfit:

Top - Chaser

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Plaid button-down - Nollie

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Jacket- Gypsy Warrior

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Boots - Steve Madden

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