All smiles

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Calling all blues-rock lovers.

The Allman Brothers Band’s “At Fillmore East” is a live recording that appeases blues and rock junkies everywhere. I think it’s worth mentioning the rock band often recorded live albums in place of studio albums and for good reason.

I’m not a music expert or a major blues fan, but I can’t resist the slow, sexy tracks like “Stormy Monday.” While the vocals are gorgeously rhythmic, it’s the guitar that seduces you.

The lyrics in this song use “stormy” as a metaphor for a bad day, but I would totally indulge myself to the song on a stormy day in the literal sense. I would sit on my couch, watch raindrops pound on the window and consume the record in its entirety.

Toward the end of “Stormy Monday,” the song speeds up into a jazzy 30 seconds. I always look forward to that, too.

I dig the vocals in “You Don’t Love Me,” a song originally from Willie Cobbs. It’s a diverse, 19-minute song that flaunts skills from every member of the group, notably drummer Butch Trucks.

I love how “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” lures you in with a soft violin sound, which I recently learned was created with a guitar. Although, in retrospect, maybe I should have known.

The Latin flair in this song is undeniably captivating. The last two minutes are my favorite.

This album art is everything. The guys look so happy and likeable with all the star power and none of the angst. This is ironic given the nature of the picture.

There is quite a tale about the reason they are smiling in the photo, though I’m not sure if it’s true. If you’re interested in the story or seeing more related photos, visit

One look at this cover will transport you back in time.

A photo of the roadies is on the back cover, making it even cooler if you ask me. I love that they give these guys credit for the least glamorous job in the music industry, lugging around equipment.

The outfit:

Hat- H&M

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Top - Urban Outfitters

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Shorts- American Eagle Outfitters

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Belt- LuLu's

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Boots- Old Navy

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