Comfort food

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Carole King is an incredible female role model.

With her songwriting accolades and musical ability, she truly sets the bar for female artists. I hate to lump them together, but I enjoy her music in the same way I do Carly Simon’s.

I paired King’s “Rhymes & Reasons” with a feminine outfit, because she promotes femininity and independence. I wear a floral mini dress with bell sleeves, lace-up heels and layers of jewelry.

The 1972 record begins rhythmic and gorgeous with “Come Down Easy.” In this song, King especially reminds me of a female Elton John.

I also can’t ignore the poetic lyrics.

I’m alright in the sunshine

But the evenings let me down

The record continues with “My My She Cries,” a brief track I interpret as about loss and identity. It serves as a somber transition to my favorite song on the record, “Peace In the Valley.”

“Peace In the Valley” is a calm track with jazz undertones. I love when King repeats the title of the song at the end.

I think this would make a fitting title track, as this record revolves around an oasis theme. Everyone can appreciate King’s melancholy search for peace and escape, which are often simultaneous.

The theme continues in “Feeling Sad Tonight” and “Gotta Get Through Another Day.”

“Stand Behind Me” features my favorite lyrics on the record, simple and reassuring.

“Bitter With the Sweet” is another of my favorite tracks; it’s catchy and wise. If you’re having a rough day, I recommend listening to this song for advice that applies to both life and coffee.

You’ve got to take the bitter with the sweet

The record concludes with “Been to Canaan,” the single and hit on this album. It’s a soothing song, providing all the same comforts as a warm towel or chocolate chip cookie.

Carole King is musical comfort food.

The outfit:

Earrings - Claire's

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Dress- Free People

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Shoes - G by Guess

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