Can't you see?

Photos by Nick Tomecek

I’m the first to admit this is not my style of music.

I actually can’t explain how I acquired this Southern rock album, but sometimes that’s for the best.

The Marshall Tucker Band’s eight-track “Greatest Hits” record might not be my taste, but it’s a good listen.

“Can’t You See,” the opening song, is not surprisingly my favorite on the album. It was The Marshall Tucker Band’s first single and still gets regular radio play today.

This track is raw, passionate and really flaunts Toy Caldwell’s vocals and songwriting ability. This song alone is worth owning on vinyl.

The record is arranged perfect for my listening taste, as “Heard it in a Love Song” is my second favorite. I can appreciate a good song about love songs, because we all know how influential music can be in the romance department.

Paul McCartney’s “Silly Love Songs” is one of my favorites and another quintessential demonstration of this phenomenon.

The Marshall Tucker Band’s “Greatest Hits” continues with a classic, mellow country song, “Searchin’ for a Rainbow.” I love how simply soothing and not overbearing Caldwell’s voice sounds in this track.

“Ramblin’” is a quick-paced song with a bluesy style. If you’re not a country fan, I would begin with this toe-tapping song.

To me, “Fire on the Mountain” takes a different turn. It’s a storytelling track with bluegrass-folk vibes I sincerely enjoy.

Took my fam'ly away from our Carolina home Had dreams about the west and started to roam Six long months on a dust-covered trail They say heaven's at the end But so far it's been hell

“Fire on the Mountain” is something I will add to one of my regular playlists.

“This Ol’ Cowboy” is another intriguing song with a different pace. The music is so lively and joyful, I can almost imagine it in a musical.

The album concludes with “24 Hours at a Time” and “Long Hard Ride,” two classic country songs.

I paired this record with a romantic, western-style outfit just in time for Valentine’s Day. The ruffles on the dress, fringe on the boots and the jewelry give this outfit feminine details perfect for date night.

I should also mention, I found this dress on the clearance rack at a boutique's closing sale. While it was two sizes too large and my friend thought little of it, I'm so glad I made the purchase.

After listening to this album, I think it’s fair to say that you can’t box in this band. It’s a versatile group that truly offers something for everyone, even people with amateur music taste like myself.

The outfit:

Jewelry - boutique

Dress- boutique

Boots- Target

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