Coming of age

I don’t mean to make grand statements, but this is likely my favorite album cover in my record collection.

Elton John’s “Friends” record is the soundtrack to the 1971 teenage romance movie of the same title. The pink cover art displays a sketch of the two main characters kissing with the album title contradicting it just underneath.

Although I haven’t seen the movie, I understand it’s about a teenage couple who attempts to run away and lead an adult life for which they are ill-prepared. While the movie wasn’t well-received, this record should be.

As Valentine’s Day nears, it’s the perfect time to write about this film’s soundtrack.

Side 1 of “Friends” is nothing to scoff at. It features the title track, “Can I Put You On” and “The Honey Roll,” three energetic songs I imagine hearing on a traditional Elton record.

“Can I Put You On” is a quintessential Elton John song, reminiscent of his later work. I think if it were released later, it might have been a hit.

The song has gritty lyrics made for those with a work ethic and downtown spirit. This is a frequent listen on my playlist.

I work for the foundry for a penny and a half a day

Like a blind street musician I never see those who pay

“Seasons,” “Four Moods,” “I Meant to do Work Today” and “Variations on ‘Friends’” are soft tracks designed only for movies. If you like movie scores, I would start with these.

I prefer to hear Elton’s distinct vocals and delve into coming-of-age lyrics, which is why my favorite song is “Friends.”

With a friend at hand you will see the light If your friends are there, then everything's all right

I matched this adolescent cover with a youthful outfit. I wear a heart-print dress and pink sparkly shoes with bows.

It doesn’t get more Valentines-themed than this.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with “Friends” or significant others, I hope you do so with good music.

The outfit:

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Skirt- Forever 21

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Shoes - Paris Hilton

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