Valentine's Day at Waffle House

I had the best Valentine’s Day in the history of Valentine’s Days.

Believe it or not, I owe a lot of this to a breakfast franchise. At certain Waffle House locations, the breakfast joint will decorate for Valentine’s Day.

My boyfriend and I made reservations to enjoy “B.A.E.” (bacon and eggs) at Waffle House on the day of love. It was perfect, seriously.

When we arrived at Waffle House, a man in a tuxedo was already holding the door for us. We politely asked him to take a photo of us in front of the restaurant, and he obliged.

This was not our only photo op of the night.

Formally-attired men opened both doors, leading us into a Valentine’s Day fantasy. Waffle House was decked out in streamers, hanging decorations and red cloths over the light fixtures.

I was worried that my red, lace Free People dress and lace-up stiletto shoes might be overkill in the wardrobe aspect. But, everyone in Waffle House was dressed to the nines.

In other words, I was no showstopper.

After the staff acknowledged our reservations, the man in the tuxedo handed me a faux red rose. I didn’t refuse the gesture.

He seated us within a few minutes, and took more photos of us at the table with the red tablecloth.

Our table was all Valentine’s Day with a candle, flowers, chocolates and red napkins. Not to mention, all the tables in the café were full.

We ordered breakfast for dinner, though there was a special Valentine’s menu offering a T-bone steak, sirloin steak, chicken or pork chops. Honestly, I had been thinking about waffles all day.

I ordered a pecan waffle with bacon on the side, and my valentine ordered a Bacon Patty Melt with hash browns. After we made happy plates, my date ordered a second Bacon Patty Melt, which we split.

Turns out, we were hungry.

As a side note, I will never understand the appeal of ketchup on hash browns. Someone, feel free to indulge me on that.

We ordered a slice of chocolate pie to-go and a side order of bacon as a Valentine’s present for our dog, Juice. The treat, of course, disappeared in an instant.

I was so full from dinner, I haven’t tried the chocolate pie, yet. It looks tasty, though.

Tonight my friends. Tonight.

In a nutshell, our service was excellent. The food was cooked perfectly. My company didn't suck either.

Plus, the look on my boyfriend’s face when he realized what an awesome date he was taking me on was priceless.

Waffle House truly made our inexpensive Valentine’s date a special affair. Needless to say, breakfast for dinner is on next year’s Valentine’s menu.