Electric fairytale

Photos by Nick Tomecek

“Nightlife” is an electric fairytale.

Phantogram is an electronic music duo with a niche for capturing the sentiment of a generation and creating a track that’s low-key yet high-energy. “Nightlife” is a youthful record that combines raw passion with spacey sounds.

Listening to the 2011 album is a spiritual experience.

The first song I ever heard from this album was “Turning to Stone.” I instantly loved Josh Carter’s dry, conventional vocals paired with Sarah Barthel’s high-pitched angelic sound.

Then, when I heard the rhythm, it was magic.

The record begins with “16 Years,” in which I hear a lot of hope in the sound and the lyrics.

It’s shooting light and I’m feeling again

Is this love that I’m feeling again

It transitions to a conventional pop music notion with “Don’t Move.” It maintains the album’s dreamy mantra while adding a club-feel.

“Make A Fist” channels tribal ritual vibes with its enunciated consonants and repeating chorus.

Feelings of loneliness and fear intertwine for the title track. The record slows with this song, revealing a darker counterpart to the optimistic tracks.

“Night Life” concludes with “A Dark Tunnel,” a less conventional and more experimental electronic track.

You may have noticed, I didn’t list a favorite song for this record. This is because I recommend listening to it in its entirety, as it’s more of a journey than a brief car ride.

The costume change for this record was a no-brainer. With the long skirt, layers, and pastels, this outfit is one shimmer short of fairylike.

You could build a musical castle with the notes to this record, and I want to live in it.

The outfit:

Bralette - Victoria's Secret

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Tank top - Express

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Skirt - Free People

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