'Lonely Street'

Kansas is a diverse, fun group though, in all honesty, I don’t love this record.

The progressive rock band’s 1975 record "Song for America" stretches a bit beyond my musical comfort zone but, rest assured, it does have some gems.

In the photo shoot with this vinyl, I wear a poncho top featuring gorgeous, ethereal artwork.The whimsical, flowy blouse blends seamlessly with the pastel ombre, high-waisted shorts and chunky heels for the 1970s vibe.

The record kicks off with "Down the Road," which defines upbeat, making it the perfect opening track I love how all the instruments are introduced then led into jam band territory.

The title track has a cool, colonial sound and takes a versatile path.The first half makes the perfect soundtrack for a Fourth of July party, while the second could easily be a score for a video game or early 1980s movie, perhaps about a video game.

I like that you can march to that song.

"Lamplight Symphony" is as regal as "Song for America." It shows off Steve Walsh’s vocals and serves as a precursor to the string of ballads released in the 1980s.

With hunger in his soul, he yearns for life and love gone by,

With memories his one and only joy

This song channels America’s "I Need You," one of my favorite songs from that group. Many parallels can be made between America and Kansas, aside from just the regional band names.

While America is more folk rock, Kansas is considered progressive rock.I also can’t ignore that I hear flickers of Journey, Rush and Queen in this album.

"Lamplight Symphony" is a storytelling song, which I appreciate, but I could have gone without a couple minutes.

The B-side saves this record in my eyes, which is ironic given its lack of singles.

"Lonely Street" is, without a doubt, my favorite track.The blues bass guitar riff and the confident, edgy vocals are more my taste.

I want all Kansas songs to have this much oomph and sex appeal. It’s the kind of song that makes you order scotch instead of beer or drive down an alley instead of a main road.

I mentioned I didn’t love this album, but that realization occurred around the same time I noticed "Carry On Wayward Son" was not on it.

The outfit:

Top - Chelsea & Violet

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Shorts - Dainty Hooligan

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Shoes - G by Guess

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