Inner woman

Photos by Nick Tomecek

No woman walks the Earth like Stevie Nicks.

I truly believe Stevie Nicks is everyone’s inner woman. She reveals a layer of femininity, vulnerability and power in every gender.

My mom said she used to listen to Stevie sing on cassette tapes when she was pregnant with me. I think it’s safe to say there has always been a touch of the dreamy singer in both of us.

I wrote this post as a shout-out to Stevie Nicks then and now.

I wear a T-shirt I bought at her concert in Atlanta in November under a jacket featuring lyrics from “Dreams” on the back. I accessorize with a chain choker, leather pleated skirt and heels with spikes.

In case you didn’t notice, my outfit is sprinkled with gold accents in honor of the gold dust woman.

I wanted to write about “Rock a Little,” because this record captures Stevie’s essence. At the concert a few months ago, women donned black hats, lace hair accents and long skirts to look as she did on this cover.

“Rock a Little” is Stevie’s third studio album released in 1985. While for some, it might not measure up to Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” or Stevie’s solo album “Wild Heart,” I love how I can hear quintessential Steve lyrics and rhythms in 11 less popular tracks.

Stevie’s known drug usage tarnished the reputation of this album and hindered its success, but I don’t enjoy it any less.

This record is classic dreamy pop with upbeat hits such as “I Can’t Wait” and “Talk to Me,” which channel the same level of power as “Stand Back.” It also features her slow, thoughtful songs such as “I Sing for the Things” and “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?”.

When I hear this record, especially the pace and notes in “Imperial Hotel,” I can hear its influence on 1990s music from other artists.

“Some Become Strangers” is the song that appeals most to me on this record. There is something a little angry and innovative about this song; it’s an unusual vibe to hear from Stevie.

I was hoping to remember you with just a smile Now the memory of giving you is giving out

The album follows up this track with “Talk to Me,” an uplifting power ballad. Then comes “The Nightmare” and “If I Were You,” which could exist as indie pop tracks today.

It seems appropriate to write about Stevie, because it seems there is resurgence of her music with and without Fleetwood Mac. I know this because the prices have risen on iTunes, and I have seen millennial Fleetwood Mac starter pack memes all over Facebook.

I can appreciate the jabs at Fleetwood Mac newbies, but there is definitely a bigger point here.

Stevie Nicks continues to make new fans everyday and, honestly, I think that’s the epitome of cool.

The outfit:

Jacket - Gypsy Warrior

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T-shirt - Concert

Skirt - Forever 21

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Shoes - Gianni Bini

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