Ever wonderful

Photos by Nick Tomecek

This record is true gold.

“Serpentine Fire” is the opening track on Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1977 album “All ‘n All.” It kicks off the record with Earth, Wind & Fire’s sharp, high-pitched vocals; signature horn work and reggae touch. This sets the record’s rhythm.

“Fantasy” then introduces the 1970s group’s flawless harmonies.

The A-side is ideal for days you want to funk out and enjoy traditional Earth, Wind & Fire at its best.

“I’ll Write a Song For You” begins the B-side on a totally different note. It’s a soft song that never amps up in the way the band’s songs traditionally do.

This sappy, sentimental song tugs the heartstrings with stunning vocals I swear can’t be replicated. It’s not so unexpectedly my favorite on the record.

Love is a symphony, hearts in one melody 'Cause I write a song for you Sounds never dissipate, they only recreate in another place

The more I hear this song the more it out-loves my other favorite love songs. It measures right up there with Elton John’s “Your Song” and Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

After this track, the record returns to its fast-paced rhythm and harmonic “ba” chants.

You don’t have to know the lyrics. If you can hum, you can bebop along to most of the B-side with the rest of the guys.

The record finishes powerfully with “Be Ever Wonderful,” a chilling R&B song with a wisdom only song lyrics can bring. Words like wonderful, glorious and marvelous are always at the tip of tongue when I hear this band’s slow songs.

Only a lavish ensemble could possibly measure up to my feelings for this group. I wear an off-the-shoulder satin dress with gold diamond earrings draped from my ears and a gold pendant necklace from my neck.

Earth, Wind & Fire is truly ever wonderful; it’s why a poster of the band will forever hang on my wall.

I love knowing within a year after this record released, Earth, Wind & Fire hit the recording studio to lay down one of my all-time and forever favorite songs. “September” was on the brink of changing the music world, and it’s joyous to think this record helped develop the group’s sound.

With an Earth, Wind & Fire record at your side, life is ever full of wonder.

The outfit:

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Shoes - Gianni Bini

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