5 female artists that don't suck

OK, to say these artists don't suck is a slight understatement. Please forgive my lack of words to describe female musicians who are damn near perfection. Give these ladies a listen, and tell me what you think.

Photo by Hannah Bryant Brown

Gileah Taylor

I couldn’t avoid starting this list with an artist from Northwest Florida, my current place of habitat. Sorry; not sorry. Gileah Taylor’s song “Going Home” recently made an appearance on Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why,” which makes almost too much sense.

“Going Home” is featured on Gileah’s album “Songs for Late at Night Vol.2,” a record filled with a wistful songs that won’t find their home on the radio. Expect to see this album on the blog in the future.

Gileah's delicate, feminine vocals sing the tragic soundtrack required to relinquish yourself into a drama that forewarns the suicide of its protagonist. The somber songstress and poet is far too overlooked for my taste.

Check out my Q&A with Gileah on the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso’s sophomore album, “What Now,” just hit the market. “Pitchfork” raves about it, and so do I.

Die Young,” its first single, has played so many times through my car speakers, I think even my car might induce the title’s fate upon me. I’m relieved to finally give the whole album a listen.

The electronic-folk duo, featuring crisp vocalist Amelia Meath, defines fresh.

Angel Olsen

I apologize in advance for the obvious pun, but Angel Olsen truly is an angel to the music world. Her raw, grainy vocals give up-and-coming female artists something to which to aspire.

I discovered Angel Olsen on NPR, and it’s been a gift ever since. I recently watched a video of her perform “Some Things Cosmic” at Pitchfork Music Festival in 2013 and I lost it. You can add 1,000 instruments to her songs, and they will still sound stripped down and untouched. Her music is that genuine.

I plan to feature Olsen's record "My Woman" on the blog.

Lake Street Dive

I stumbled upon Lake Street Dive on YouTube then, shortly after, heard it on NPR. It’s not an all-female group, but lead singer Rachael Price’s stunning vocals are so insanely captivating, I had to include her.

Price’s deep voice would translate equally well from the backseat of a Volkswagen bus on the beach to a dimly-lit jazz club. The retro, reggae-influenced songs toss Lake Street Dive in a category of its own, but don’t be surprised when it whips out a pop track with a twist like “Side Pony.”

This talented band is on my September concert agenda.


Who hasn’t spent the past 4 years dying inside while waiting for the next HAIM album?

The three-sister band has tortured me with time, simultaneously heightening my underlying thoughts that nothing will ever measure up to “Days Are Gone.” The group recently teased me with its new single, “Right Now,” but it’s not enough.

Don’t they know I need their next record right now?

Expect to see "Days Are Gone" on the blog when the torture subsides.

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