Blondie blooms with new album ‘Pollinator’

[Album cover courtesy BMG Studios]

Leave it to Blondie to have its new album “Pollinator” debut in the spring. The pop-punk pioneers are still going strong, staying true to their iconic sound in a modern way. The band’s previous album, "Ghosts of Download," appeared as a double album back in 2014 to celebrate Blondie’s 40th anniversary. So, getting new music on May 5 is a treat to us punkers.

The two songs “Fragments” and “Doom or Destiny” are reminiscent to similar songs from the band’s fifth album, "Autoamerican." They have a retro, Euro-esque beat with added raw percussion and guitar riffs.

Other hits like “My Monster” and “Fun” are catchy and buzzing with rock-pop synthesizers. Like the entire album, both songs are their own unique versions of cool.

From taking in the album and digesting its entirety song by song, I am constantly reminded of why Blondie was so popular and continues to be a strong force in the rock-and-roll scene, as well as the pop-rock, punk-rock genres, too.

Blondie’s timeless sound resonates in this album so profoundly to me. Fans may have not realized it, and I certainly didn’t, but today’s music needed this album.

Every song packs a rock punch, and each can easily stand alone. Yet, when they are together, this album blooms into a fun, head-bobbing syncopation. Let’s just say “Pollinator” will be added to my collection of summertime records. FYI, records are sold out on the band’s site if that tells you anything.

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