My book of dreams

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Firstly, the horse behind me in this photo is not dead.

I tried to sneak a picture with him, because he resembled the winged horse on the cover of The Steve Miller Band’s “Book of Dreams,” but the flawless white coloring was the only thing the two had in common. The gorgeous horse at The Equestrian Center in Fort Walton Beach was a tad tuckered out, with no flying on that day’s agenda.

With its cosmic cover art, The Steve Miller Band’s 10th studio album suggests a spacey record outside the realm of classic rock. Although it does flaunt synth transitions and a borderline lengthy intro called “Threshold” that vaguely reminds me of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” soundtrack, you still hear classic rock, blues rock and Beatles-style harmonies.

I rock my hips to the upbeat, traditional rock songs on the record, “Jet Airliner” and “Jungle Love.” I surprised myself, however, truly finding pleasure in songs like “Sacrifice,” which intertwine the likes of folk rock with progressive.

“True Fine Love” is my favorite track, solely because Steve Miller flirts with lyrics like “pretty baby” and “walking in the moonlight.”

I ain’t complainin’

But I’d sure like to find me

A true, fine love

No title would’ve done this record justice. Riding the riffs of this album is indeed a lot like riding a flying horse through your own book of dreams.

For every set of dreamy twinkles was a melodic blues-guitar riff that swayed me in more ways than one.

The outfit:

Bandana – American Eagle Outfitters

Necklace – Target

T-shirt – Courtesy of William McGinnis

Shorts – Mossimo Denim, Target

Socks – Southwest Indian Foundation

Shoes – Vintage Timberland, courtesy of my grandmother Beverly Arnold – Rest in peace.

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