Pucker up

I'm one of those people who collects makeup.

I have beauty subscriptions, I browse Sephora while dapping Q-tips in all the display products and I impulse-buy lip gloss almost daily.

But, lipstick has always intimidated me. I'll still collect it, but when it's time to go out, I almost always smear on some gloss instead of committing to a stick. It seems whenever I put the effort into lipstick, it doesn't last longer than an hour

That is until last month, when a friend of mine introduced me to LipSense. It's a seriously long-lasting brand of lipsticks from SenseCosmetics — one of those brands you buy from individual sellers like Mary Kay.

I'll be honest. The marketing is not pretty. The font looks like it came from an adult video in the 1980s. But, the product is legit.

The price is kind of steep with your first purchase including a gloss, lipstick color of your choice and remover for about $55. Individual colors are about $25. However, I swear to all the female gods that this stuff is kiss-proof, dinner-proof and I-accidentally-just-rubbed-my-face proof. I bought the popular, neutral shade called Bella which works day or night.

It got me thinking about other brands, both high and low, that claim to be long-lasting. So, I put a few to the test. I rubbed so many lipsticks on and off my face I now have a permanent Kool-Aid stache. Oooh yea.

Here are some thoughts from a lipstick neophyte:

LipSense Bella

Beautiful nude/pink shade. Stays. All. Day. Long. You won't stop kissing your hand to prove to your friends how the color stays put.

e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose

Another pretty-in-pink shade. It goes on smooth and does have the matte texture, as promised. Lasted almost all the way through "Guardians of the Galaxy."

LOC Ultra Gloss Lip Pencil in Punch Line

You know that Kelis song "Bossy"? This stuff makes you want to sing "I'm glossy!" Vibrant color. It will leave a kissy mark, but literally took one whole makeup wipe to fully come off.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso

Super intense. A little challenging to apply if you don't have a super steady hand. Once it's on, it does have a nice gloss and rich color. It gets the runner up as the second-longest lasting of the lot.

Jennie is a moonwalking, Spice Girls-singing child of the early '90s. She's a hoarder of black shirts, nude lipsticks, and comic books. She loves trying new trends, but she's had the same haircut since she was 5.