Not today

Photos by Nick Tomecek

Angel Olsen’s “My Woman” is the melancholy sound of yesterday and tomorrow, just not today.

Within a mere 10 rotations of the record, Olsen whisks you away with the first deep verses of “Intern.” In the midst of “Never Be Mine’s” longing pleads, you drift away and no longer exist in the present.

The indie-folk singer-songwriter released her third studio album in September 2016. I first heard “Shut Up Kiss Me” on NPR while driving to the beach with my boyfriend. The catchy pop track paired with garage-band vocals stopped us both in our tracks, though not in the past nor the present.

My mind instantly concocted a vintage fantasy, in which I traced the sound to a distant garage in the ‘90s. I discover it soars from the throat of a melodramatic teenager with thick black eyeliner, fishnet tights and Doc Martens.

My vision wasn’t so far off. With upper-forehead bangs and winged eyeliner, Olsen is the art-loving, soul-driven physical manifestation of her voice.

The punk-rock meets folk nature of "My Woman" is heavenly. The dreamy songstress interchanges the raw, raspy vocals in “Give It Up” with lovely, soft high notes in “Those Were the Days” and “Woman.”

Do you remember the way that it used to be?

I waited for you

And you kept on searching with me

— "Those Were the Days"

Olsen's gloomy, heartsick melodies are the answer to those who say all of their songwriting heroes are dead.

Wanting to see each other all of the time

Those were the days

Nothing to lose and nothing to find

— "Those Were the Days"

Today, I often lose myself in “My Woman” and then in a video of Olsen singing “Some Things Cosmic” at Pitchfork Music Festival in 2013. I watch, time and time again, as she spellbinds the crowd with wavering vocals and a folk melody that transcends time.

Then, it’s no longer today.

It might be yesterday. It might be tomorrow. But, it’s not today.

I want to be naked

I don’t need my body

I don’t need my body

I’m floating away

— "Some Things Cosmic"

The outfit:

Top - Forever 21, contemporary collection

Shorts - Mossimo Denim

Boots - Boutique

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