The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper' elicits fond memories

It was 50 years ago on May 26 when The Beatles released “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” And, while I was not even a glimmer in my mom’s eye at that time, her love for the fab four was passed down to me. The Beatles were one of the pioneers of rock and experimental music “Sgt. Pepper” was one of the first albums I ever heard and listened so intently to its entirety. The remastered version still rings true, thanks to multiple takes and remixes of the popular anniversary album.

The experimental sounds of the marching bands, backward instrumentals and mesmerizing lyrics captivated me at an early age. Everything faded to the background as I was locked in to the arrangement of songs. In that moment, I became a Beatles fan.

[Photo courtesy of The Beatles Facebook page]

“Lovely Rita” easily became a favorite of mine, and likely still is because of its simplicity. The Beatles are experts at using only a few lyrics to tell a story, and “Lovely Rita” is a perfect example of less is best. My other favorites include “Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds,” “Within You, Without You,” and “When I’m Sixty Four.”

I feel this album really set the tone for what The Beatles were trying to be and do at that time. They wanted to try something different and work on creating an array of unique rock music. They probably didn’t intend for it to be, but “Sgt. Pepper” was so innovative during that era. I still think that it holds up to this day.

“Sgt. Pepper” was, without a doubt, a totally different direction for the band in 1967, but The Beatles’ fans grew to understand the band’s need for diversity and experimentation.

This album was the success of exploration. Whether you’re in your car, at home cleaning the house or drawing from their inspiration, it’s simply a pure joy to listen to. It easily fills this lonely heart. -S

Shelby is a twenty-something, residing along the Emerald Coast, enjoying the sugar white sands with an umbrella drink in-hand. She takes the time to enjoy film and music, as well as fashion and beauty trends when her wallet isn't empty.