Pull up a chair

Above photos by Nick Tomecek

Photo by William McGinnis

Coolness radiates from this all-female band.

But, the female aspect of Haim is honestly such a miniscule part of its allure. The three stellar women sitting legs-crossed in a lawn chair on the “Days Are Gone” album cover is not just a coup for female musicians, but a coup for musicians, period.

Sure, the Haim sisters’—Este, bass; Danielle, guitar and lead vocals; and Alana, guitar and keyboard—debut album does have a female narrative. In a three-sister band, it’s damn near unavoidable. But, the fresh, yet old school songwriting on “Days Are Gone” awoke the music and thrift-store industries.

The 2013 record re-brands the ‘80s with funky pop tracks, both catchy and nostalgic. The upbeat pitter-patter of a Haim intro is your inner pep squad with a touch of feistiness, but just a touch.

It’s no surprise the group is said to use Fleetwood Mac for inspiration. The record thematically bounces around the push-pull nature of relationships, centering on the push part, a Fleetwood Mac trademark.

Together now, forever then.

Go ahead, don’t you let me in.

I will wait, I will want, wait ‘til the day you’re back again.

— "Let Me Go"

While relationships collapse within, or more likely slowly dissolve, the album’s dynamite lies in its optimism. The California-born sisters present listeners with an upbeat, crisp chorus in each song—heartache minus the bitterness.

Don’t stop, no, I’ll never give up

And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up

And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough

— "Falling"

If you don’t already know, Haim diehards, myself included, have waited four long years for the answer to this record.

Four. Long. Years.

Its second studio album, “Something to Tell You,” will end the suffering July 7. If its first two singles, “Want You Back” and “Right Now,” are any indication, sigh of relief, Haim will stay true to its sound.

The first time I heard “Falling,” the opening track on Haim’s debut album, I felt the chin-up music therapy that is Haim flow through me. “Want You Back” has that same bite.

While I wouldn’t list patience under “Skills” on my resume, I admire a group unwilling to compromise quality for a timetable.

It would be wrong to ignore the harsh reality; however, that Haim repulses a subset of the population. Some are put off by these ladies’ pop-centric style and Danielle Haim’s full, flat-toned vocals. The not-so-dreaded middle sister is also what gives this group its unexpected classic-rock flavor.

For every naysayer, there is a counterpart psyched for the next set of vintage-inspired, mixed-genre songs sure to occupy its next record.

And, what’s coolest about the coolest girls in the music industry? They seem like your friends, the ones you want to file under #squadgoals.

Honestly, what fan doesn’t picture the Haim sisters scooching over on this three-person lawn-couch to make room for an unofficial fourth sibling.

Whatever these girls offer up next, you can be sure I will pull up a chair.

The outfit:

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Top - Honey Punch

Overalls - Forever 21

Heels - Forever 21

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