How I dyed my hair purple and rose gold

If you asked me two years ago if I would ever dye my hair, I would say, ‘Heck no.’ I have always admired my blonde virgin locks, but recently I have had the itch. I have had an itch for something different, for something colorful.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year, you are well aware that fantasy hair, or fashion colors, are the latest craze in hair dye. People are literally transforming their hair into beautiful rainbows of fun.

While I have never once colored my hair any ordinary color, I was instantly obsessed with this trend. So, I took the plunge and went with a blonde to pastel violet ombre’. It was fabulous, but expensive. I knew there had to be a cheaper, safer way to color one’s hair.

That’s when I found oVertone. oVertone is a hair-color depositing conditioner and treatment system that adds actual pigment to your hair instead of dye. The colors are bright, and you can adjust the color vibrancy to your liking. Because it is a conditioner, it is easy and safe to apply directly to your hair.

After doing some research on colors I wanted and the best option for my budget, I decided on the sample sizes of vibrant purple and pastel pink.

When I applied the conditioner, I decided on doing the bottom, or inside of my hair. This is what you might call the underneath section, just in case I failed miserably and it looked horrible. Luckily, that wasn’t case.

With the pink pastel, I simply used my gloveless hands to spread the conditioner throughout my hair, making sure the conditioner was applied evenly. However, when I applied the vibrant purple, I used a slightly different method. The color was well, vibrant, so I added white conditioner I already owned to lighten the purple color a little bit. It worked! I used gloved hands to apply it evenly in my hair.

The instructions said to apply and leave on the hair for 3-5 minutes, but it took me about 10 minutes to finish my hair, so both colors were probably in for about 17 minutes total. My hair is light, but the underneath is a dirty blonde color, so the pastel pink became a light rose gold. If I had more products leftover, I would have done a second application.

All in all, I’m satisfied with the results. It was fun and really rewarding to dye my own hair. It may not have been the traditional hair dye, but the pigment is much safer for your hair and gives you a bigger color pay-off. My color has faded since, but I will definitely do this again soon. I just have to spin the color wheel first.

Learn more about oVertone.

Shelby is a twenty-something, residing along the Emerald Coast, enjoying the sugar white sands with an umbrella drink in-hand. She takes the time to enjoy film and music, as well as fashion and beauty trends when her wallet isn't empty.