High-waisted life

Let's start with some clarification. When I say high-waisted, I mean high-waisted. I don’t want any of this slightly-higher-than-my-hips nonsense. I want the high-waisted that means what it says. I want it so high-waisted it almost reaches my boobs. I want the high-waisted that would make 2001 Britney Spears gasp in shock and horror.

It’s like this: Natural Waist or bust.

Now that that is out of the way, I have a hard time finding anything that scales my torso and rests on my natural waist. I've also been increasingly attracted to the retro, vintage look. While that is trendy, it’s hard to create pants that look as if they have been around for 20 years, when they were really made in a factory in Thailand one week ago.

I usually thrift for T-shirts, because they’re such a huge part of my wardrobe. I never considered thrifting as the solution to my high-waisted pants problem until I needed mid-thigh length shorts for a week-long camp. I stumbled upon a smorgasbord of old, classically high-waisted shorts at Goodwill.

The combination of old, weird T-shirts and old, weird shorts is now about 99 percent of my style. Have a look.

I bought this shirt from a small-town silkscreen printer in Waverly, Alabama, and these “vintage” ripped shorts from Urban Outfitters. This outfit cost me $60, but the look is easily achievable in less than $10.

The shirt and the shorts in this picture are from my local Goodwill. The outfit cost me $8. Granted, my bad crop job and the original cut of the shorts doesn’t allow for quite the look of the first outfit. However, I’m wearing some super rad, bright green shorts and a Mario shirt, so I don’t think I care.

Again, these were both Goodwill finds. The shorts are Lee, and the shirt is a faded reminder of a colorful time I didn’t experience. This $10 outfit is right up my alley. Here, I kept the shirt uncropped, because sometimes you can’t beat a good tuck and a cute belt (The belt is not pictured, because I couldn’t find it.)

I haven’t really branched out into local thrift stores, and Goodwill is right down the road from my house. So, again, these shorts are Goodwill finds. They’re a pale yellow and so high-waisted I could cry.

This one is my mom’s least favorite. The shirt is a hand-crocheted masterpiece featuring a clown, dinosaur and teddy-bear. The shorts are mom shorts at their finest. I thought I’d include this one as an honorable mention. I really look like someone’s grandmother, and I love it. Although, you probably won’t catch me in a crowded public place wearing this $8 combo.

I highly recommend thrifting as source of the weird, wacky, and high-waisted.

Lucy is a college freshman and an avid pursuer of good music and cute clothes. She describers her style as "Mom from the '90s" combined with "Young, confident millennial." She values kindness and self-expression.