Not fashionable to love me

Photos by Nick Tomecek

We both know it’s not fashionable to love me.

With this verse, my world immediately turns black and white with its always present gray area. This is the first line of the title track on Lana Del Rey’s 2015 record, “Honeymoon.”

The title track sets the whimsical, tragic tone present in all of Lana’s albums, even her latest, “Lust for Life.” From the first song, it’s pure film noir.

We both know the history of violence that surrounds you

But I’m not scared, there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you

— "Honeymoon"

Lana sings the single, “Music To Watch Boys To,” with breathy vocals, and it’s paired appropriately with an ethereal underwater music video. It’s an interesting song choice for Lana. With a slow, mysterious buildup, I picture it in a James Bond film.

Perhaps Jane Bond, finally? I really can’t think of a better musician than Lana to spook the soundtrack of that movie.

After that song, I wanted the album to pick up the pace. Instead, Lana lulls you further into the dark with “Terrence Loves You.”

It describes a lost love that still haunts Lana every time she thinks of it. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it, but I love it more every time I hear it now. It catches your attention with references to David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity.” Lana sings, Ground Control to Major Tom.

Space seems an obvious theme divergence for Lana, as her retro sound and sultry vocals frequently transcend time and place.

“High By the Beach,” the album’s other single, is too similar to the first for my taste, however, I always appreciate Lana’s dreamy aesthetic.

My only criticism of this album is the lack of Lana’s edgy emcee style in quicker-paced tracks. It’s so catchy, I crave it.

I long for a cutting-edge Lana track when I’m at the gym, beach or at home in the dark listening to the eerie crackle of my record player. When listening to her other albums, “Paradise” or “Born to Die,” I get my fix.

No dress would have fit this record better than the one I chose. This stunning strapless navy number from H&M is classy and timeless.

I also wear a faux diamond bracelet, as I know Lana’s affinity for glamour, and for diamonds. Aren’t they forever?

All I know is this honeymoon is not. During my photo shoot, I joked that this was my getaway boat. Jokes aside, it’s obvious Lana cuts her honeymoon short.

Lana turns a honeymoon — the supposed happy ending — into another tragic escape.

She already told you, it’s not fashionable to love her.

The outfit:

Dress - H&M

Bracelet - Forever 21

Heels - Calvin Klein

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