A natural woman

Photos by Nick Tomecek

“Tapestry” was the record that made Carole King who she is today.

While she achieved much success as a songwriter, it wasn’t until this 1971 record she was propelled to fame as a performer. It’s King’s most successful album and, frankly, one of the best albums of all time.

King has stockpiled many awards that support the above statement.

Listening to “Tapestry” is a treat from the first five seconds. “I Feel the Earth Move,” the opening track, has such an uplifting way to describe a feeling that renders you helpless, love.

I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky tumbling down

I feel my heart start to trembling

— “I Feel the Earth Move”

Listeners might not often describe this jazzy track as sexy, but it is. King finds the song's subject irresistible, and her love, or possibly lust, empowers her through vulnerability.

If you don’t already know, a performance of this iconic song was featured on “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” the series’ four-part revival on Netflix. I found it touching King brought back her role as Sophie on the TV show. After reading Lauren Graham’s book, I also learned that King hosted a behind-the-scenes performance for the cast that touched Graham, too.

King’s music has that effect on people.

Songs such as “So Far Away,” “It’s Too Late” and “Home Again” are the easiest listening there is. King’s vocals are raspy, yet soothing—a difficult feat.

Everything about this album holds the same comfort as wrapping yourself in a towel fresh from the dryer. From the kitty on the album cover to the wise lyrics, King is the life coach you seek.

Honestly, I put off writing about this record for awhile. I wasn’t sure my writing could do justice to iconic songs like “You’ve Got a Friend” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.”

It can’t, and that is perfectly OK. I felt compelled to feature this record when my orange, patterned kimono matched the colors in the album art. I wore my hair in its natural curls, just like Carole would.

As I previously did with Carly Simon, I plan to learn more about Carole’s life. It won’t surprise me if I end up respecting her even more.

As far as my favorite on this record, it’s tough to call. I adore the storytelling in the title track, but these days, I channel the message of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.”

I'm lucky I can say there is someone in my life who makes me feel this way, someone who makes me feel good inside and alive.

Before the day I met you, life was so unkind

But your love was the key to my peace of mind

The outfit:

Jewelry, dress, shoes - Forever 21

Kimono - Target

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