To those who wait

Above photos by Nick Tomecek

I saved this record for a special occasion. Can you tell?

In this photo shoot, I stand next to William Tucker’s (aka Wild Bill’s) 1978 Volkswagen bus. Wild Bill decked it out in Pink Floyd’s emblem for the 1973 album “The Dark Side of the Moon.”

I met Wild Bill during an article I wrote in 2016 about Bugs on the Bayou, a Volkswagen car show in September in Niceville. This Pensacola native is the type of person who feels like family instantly. I deeply admire his openness to strangers and willingness to help others in whatever way he can, including lending his bus for a silly fashion photo shoot.

The bus was the perfect setting for this record’s photos not only because of its paint job, but also because of its name. This sweet ride answers to the name of Rusty.

It fits, because my paint-stained album is not exactly in perfect condition. On that note, neither am I.

Now, you might wonder why Wild Bill felt compelled to give his bus this theme. Me, too. So, instead of boring you with my thoughts on the album, I wanted you to hear about what it means to him.

Below is a dialogue between Wild Bill and me.

In two sentences, what does this album mean to you?

(I knew he couldn’t limit it to two sentences. It was wrong of me to ask.)

It’s my favorite album. Much like my VW bus and the tat on my arm, it needs no title or description, just a prism on the cover. People can identify who I am and what I believe in by looking at the prism. It’s the greatest collection of Pink Floyd music of all time, and it stayed in the Top 100 Albums for several years. It’s the album that most says Pink Floyd without a printed word on it.

Do you remember when you first heard it?

Vinyl and headphones.

Tell me about the tattoo.

My tat includes the wall and the prism breaking out of the wall. I wanted a 3-D effect, because in addition to being a tribute to Pink Floyd, it symbolizes my life in that for a long time I built up an emotional wall that made me feel safe and shielded. But, my inner soul and spirit broke down that wall and allowed my true feelings to be known.

Have you always loved this album?

As I got older, I could relate to the music and lyrics better because of true life experiences. Every time I listen to it, I hear different music and get a different understanding of the lyrics depending on my mood and surroundings.

My favorite cut on the Album is “Time.” It’s the story of most people’s lives these days, never enough time.

Isn’t Wild Bill likeable? Like him, I appreciate this album (along with a few others) more as I grow older.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to one reason: patience.

As I get older, I’m willing to wait longer for good things. I’m willing to wait longer to understand the lyrics, grasp the concepts and feel the feels.

You know what they say about those who wait.

The outfit:

Top - Junk Food, Revolve Clothing

Skirt, shoes - Forever 21