Depop: A fashion app for the ages

I was introduced to Depop when my friend Audrey showed me her $700 credit card bill. The wildly rapid money drainage, she explained to me, was a result of her discovery of the online thrifting app. I admire her sense of style, which largely consists of weird jeans and even weirder T-shirts and button-downs. I knew I had to check this so-called Depop out.

Long story short, I’m in love.

For starters, if any part of thrifting appeals to you, this is the app to download, and it’s free. It’s the online thrift store of your dreams, with all the clothing, jewelry, cameras, pins, books, shoes and accessories you desire.

Although the items might be pricier than if you found them in a local store, sellers frequently negotiate or you can find the same item from a different seller for less. You are able to message sellers with any questions you have about their product. When you make a transaction, there is a simple star rating to let other potential buyers and sellers know the quality of the service and products.

The app is organized exactly like Instagram. When the people you follow post items, they appear on your feed for easy access. There is an explore page, which is generated from items you’ve liked. And, you are able to search any keyword, color, size, style, brand, etc. Saved posts appear under your profile, along with items you’ve posted for sale and items you’ve liked. If you have a PayPal account, paying through the app is a breeze. If not, you can pay directly through Depop.

So far, I’ve bought an unnecessary amount of shoes and a jacket for a Halloween costume. These are some of my favorite, wackiest finds so far.

Depop (or, as my mom calls it, Obop) is an app you won’t regret. It’s completely worth some of the precious storage space on your phone. It’s fun, familiar and funky. Just make sure to watch your expenses, because, before you know it, you will fall in love with Depop and the money will fall out of your account.

Lucy is a college freshman and an avid pursuer of good music and cute clothes. She describers her style as "Mom from the '90s" combined with "Young, confident millennial." She values kindness and self-expression.