GALLERY: A love letter to this blouse

Photos by Jennie McKeon

This is my love letter to this blouse.

I found this beige, mesh blouse in Forever 21's contemporary collection. I immediately thought it was stunning.

The nude color is subtle, yet eye-catching.

The sleeves are to die for.

The silky mesh fabric is perfect for layering or doing things the French way, like I did, with only a black lace bra underneath.

When I slipped on this blouse for the first time in the dressing room, the elasticity of the fabric surprised me. It didn't catch on my bracelet or lose its structure when I squeezed it over my head.

I plan to style it with my corduroy suspender skirt, under a black dress and with jeans and a bra as I did in these photos.

I love this blouse.

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