That time my boyfriend dressed me

Douglas and I have been dating for two years. In that time, I’ve never once asked him to pick out an outfit for me to wear. But on this particular day, I did. A group of my friends wanted to go eat brunch, so it was the perfect opportunity to see what he could pull out of my closet.

My style is all over the place. I love eccentric pieces, casual and preppy styles, as well as modern and vintage looks. The versatility might overwhelm some, but Douglas looked right at home. It doesn’t hurt that we share closet space, so he sees my clothes every day.

While he rummaged through my clothes, piecing together a cute ensemble, he asked me a few questions as I peaked nervously into our bedroom.

Him: What’s the weather going to be like?

Me: Rainy.

Him: And are your toenails painted?

Me: Yes, they are. (wondering why that was important)

Him: Do you have any brown pants?

Me: No, but I probably should buy a pair.

It surprised me that I didn’t even own one pair of brown slacks.

After being disappointed in my small jewelry collection, Douglas pulled together a pretty adorable outfit for me to wear.

He pieced a blue floral top I had bought recently, along with black skinny pants and nude peep-toe heels. He tied the look together with gold and cream flower earrings and a gold necklace. He thought of every detail, from my head to my toes.

My thoughtful man asked those particular questions so I could look stylish yet comfortable. I’ll admit, I was apprehensive about the heels in the rain.

Nevertheless, the next day I showed off his creation, and my friends offered much approval to the ensemble.

I was a bit worried about the kind of outfit he would choose for me. The process made me realize how much of a control freak I am when it comes to clothes. I’ve never had anyone dress me besides my mom, and even that left some emotional scars from days of lace socks and ill-fitting turtlenecks.

But, Doug has style. He’s not afraid to wear a floral shirt with colored slacks or a bold color shirt and patterned socks. I should never worry about his choices the next time he wants to go through and pick an outfit for me. Plus, it gives me one less thing to worry about on a night out.

Shelby is a twenty-something, residing along the Emerald Coast, enjoying the sugar white sands with an umbrella drink in-hand. She takes the time to enjoy film and music, as well as fashion and beauty trends when her wallet isn't empty.