How to make a statement with necklaces

Photos by Jennie McKeon

I used to not be a fan of statement jewelry — the big, chunky necklaces that drape across the collarbone. I normally like dainty, delicate pieces. But, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and grown to love necklaces that make your head turn.

A statement necklace can be the inspiration for an outfit, or it can be the piece that completes the entire look. The necklaces I have make statements all on their own.

The multi-colored necklace makes a bold statement and is the center of attention for your ensemble. Because a necklace like this is so striking, it’s best to pair it with a simple knit top and jeans. You can complete this look with basic flats, heels or booties.

A solid-colored or gradient necklace like my rosy pink and gold gem brings out the touch of that same color in a blouse or pair of pants.

I like to use some of these necklaces when I want a preppy look. I will pair a statement necklace with a plaid, collared shirt or striped sweater. It’s super cute and effortless because the jewels do all the work for you.

Not only do these necklaces gain the attention they so deserve; they don’t hurt your wallet, either. All the necklaces pictured cost no more than $30. Some of my favorite places to get these treasures are Charming Charlie, Mark by Avon, Charlotte Russe and Icing.

Whether you use statement jewelry to add a pop of color, accentuate your neckline or to tie your outfit together; a necklace a bold and as elegant as these are sure to please.