Episode 2: Q&A with boss babe, founder of Meraki Swim

Photo by Jennie McKeon

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In episode 2, Savannah, the founder of SavannahOffTheRecord.com, interviews Karrah Woram, the founder of Meraki Swim. The two share their love of swimwear, while Savannah asks about Woram's business' origins, day-to-day life and goals for the company. See Savannah in Meraki Swim. Shop Meraki Swim at Etsy.com/shop/MerakiSwim. Follow the swimwear on Instagram @Meraki.Swim. Follow Savannah Off the Record on Instagram @SavannahOffTheRecord or Twitter @SavOffTheRecord. Follow Savannah on Instagram @_SavannahJosephine.

Singer-songwriter Gileah Taylor provided the intro and outro music.


Savannah: How did you get started designing swimsuits?

Karrah: It all started whenever me and my girlfriends attempted to make a bikini blog. We were always wearing designer swimsuits and posting about how they fit … Our dream was to make swimsuits eventually, but they all moved to college and it just fizzled away ... I just stuck with it.

Savannah: Butts are in right now.

Karrah: They’re in! I’m literally trying to build my butt right now.

Savannah: If you find a swimsuit that’s that soft and the style works for your body type, you want it in every color.

Karrah: It’s just this soft, seamless – it feels like you’re favorite pair of leggings.

Savannah: It’s even better than that though … it’s like a really, really soft pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear.

Karrah: If you’re on vacation or at the pool or wherever and you’re in a swimsuit, don’t you want to feel comfortable? Don’t you want to feel relaxed? … The idea was soft material, great fit.

Savannah: I think you nailed it.

Karrah: Yes!

Karrah: There was a birthday or a bachelorette party and everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so cute, I want one.’ The next time I did it, ‘Karrah, OK now you’re making one for everyone as gifts. I want one.’

Savannah: That’s the worst because then you start out doing it for free, maybe too much. Then you’re like, ‘OK, get out your wallets.'

Karrah: Having a reversible swimsuit is amazing, because you can wear it so many different ways. You get so much out of one swimsuit.

Savannah: I love how cost-effective that is … I think you’re like in me in the fact that you like to have a lot of swimsuits.

Savannah: But, someone does help you. Who is that?

Karrah: My mama. She comes over on the weekends and she tries to cut out as many orders as possible for me to sew all week.

Karrah: It’s so much easier working when you have someone hanging out with you. It being my mom, we’re just like workin’ and hangin’ out at the same time. We’ll have “Friends” playing in the background on Netflix, and we’ll both be laughing and giggling to it.

Savannah: I think this is just the perfect example of how a small dream can come true. I hate to be cheesy, but it’s true. Part of what that is is just the fact that you stuck it through those little snags, no pun intended … like not getting the swimsuit over your thighs, not picking the right fabrics, not quite knowing how to use the sewing machine. Those small things, but just the fact you persevered is such a big deal. It makes a big difference.

Savannah: We both have a swimwear addiction.

Karrah: It’s a problem.

Savannah: Whatever your dream is, no matter how big or little, it’s definitely not worth giving up on because there are other people in that field. But, I totally see you as a girl boss. That’s exactly how I see you. You’ve started your own brand. You’re building it. And now, you’re going to Miami Swim Week!

Karrah: The definition of “Meraki” is to make something with your soul, or creativity, or your hands. I just felt like it fit very well to what I’m doing.