Episode 3: Like mother, like daughter

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In episode 3, Savannah, the founder of SavannahOffTheRecord.com, interviews someone special to her, her mother. Belinda Boling is a fellow fashion connoisseur who passed down her love of fashion to her three children, especially Savannah. Savannah asks her mom about her style in high school, her style today and why fashion is important. Follow Savannah Off the Record on Instagram @SavannahOffTheRecord or Twitter @SavOffTheRecord. Follow Savannah on Instagram @_SavannahJosephine.

Singer-songwriter Gileah Taylor provided the intro and outro music.


Savannah: How did you first fall in love with fashion, or shopping? Mom: That's kind of two different things. With fashion, I'm not sure the exact moment. I think because my mom always dressed me up when I was little in dresses and patent leather shoes with the fur muff and the whole thing. And my mom always dressed pretty fashionable when she was going to work.

On trends when she was younger... Mom: As I got into middle school and high school, shoulder pads were ginormous. They were so big. To this day, I can't stand them ... it did kind of make everything underneath it smaller looking, so that might be why it was a trend.

On her style now... Mom: It's funny because it really depends on what day. I feel like I'm bipolar when it comes to clothing. I love tore-up jeans or shorts and a plain T-shirt, really California casual style. Sometimes the rocker style T-shirts, too; I love that. The next day, I really love dressing up and wearing something obviously more high-end. There isn't much in between. There's not one specific style. I'm really eclectic. I'm not as trendy as I once was...I feel like I'm really boring or tearing it up.

On liking prairie-chic style and living in Oklahoma... Mom: It's funny because I'm wearing stuff I never thought I'd wear before. Savannah: It's funny how your location impacts that. Now that I live in Florida by the beach, all I can think about are bikinis and that white, gauzy beach wear you see a lot. Now I'm seeing my style head in that direction, because it makes sense to where I'm living.

On how her love of fashion impacted her children... Mom: The funniest part of it is how my three children are all different about clothing. Your brother, the oldest, it's pretty funny to watch him and how much he loves clothing and shoes. I didn't realize how bad it was until I went to move him and he had eight times as much clothing and shoes as I had and it took all day just to move his clothing and shoes. I had no idea. Savannah: I didn't know he had that much either. Mom: It was insane. I told him I would never move him again...he does wear beautiful clothes. Savannah: I think it's sweet. I kind of like it when I man cares about how they look. Mom: Absolutely. Savannah: I actually always kind of admired that about James. He has a really confident personality anyway. So, whatever he does in his life, he just owns it.

Mom: Then your sister Ashley ... she was always this, for lack of a better word, badass chick ... she's always loved trendy stuff more than the rest of us I think. She was always like, 'Oh, this is cool.' ... she's never really stuck with any particular lane when it comes to style.

On fashion being an avenue to express yourself ... Mom: People talk about being design-centered or artistic or even crafty. But, I think there's a part of most people, and some people way more intensely, instead of doing that kind of stuff, you put it out in your clothing, in fashion. When you see beautiful fashion in something, it almost takes your breath away. It might not be something you'd ever actually wear, but you see value in the design.