Episode 5: Q&A with founder of Pink Pony Vintage

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In episode 5, Girls Off the Record member Jennie McKeon interviews her best friend and the owner of Pink Pony Vintage Instagram shop, Hana Frenette. Frenette shares how her business started and tips on thrifting. Follow Pink Pony Vintage on Instagram @pinkpony.vintage. Learn more at SavannahOffTheRecord.com. Follow Savannah Off the Record on Instagram @SavannahOffTheRecord or Twitter @SavOffTheRecord. Follow Jennie on Twitter @JennieMcKeon or Instagram @JennieMckeon.

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Thrift stores are a vast land of stylish opportunities.

They can also be overwhelming.

In this world of instant gratification, it can be hard to dig through racks of used clothes looking for that one perfect gem. Luckily, you can use the internet to find those one-of-a-kind pieces without spending an afternoon knee deep in polyester.

Hana Frenette is a thrift-store connoisseur and the face behind the Instagram shop Pink Pony.

In the years before Instagram and Etsy, she was selling vintage clothes on eBay. In July 2016, she started Pink Pony (@pinkpony.vintage) sharing her keen eye for art, style and thrift store finds. Using social media to sell goods is growing in popularity, but Hana isn't just selling clothes from her closet. She's selling style.

On the weekends, you'll likely find her scouring thrift stores and yard sales for the best of the best i.e. well-worn Levi's, wicker basket purses and all the best floral prints.

GOTR Jennie McKeon chatted with her to learn more about Hana's hoarding problem and get a few shopping tips.


Jennie: When do you think you really started scouring through stores, on the reg?

Hana: ... The first place I ever drove with a car was to Waterfront Mission. I would say I was 15, and my boyfriend and had a car and we would go thrifting. That's when it started.

Hana: When I first started thrifting, I would go look for like cute little sundresses, because it seemed like the easiest thing to wear, or put together. It wasn't that hard to work in a weird vintage piece if it was just a dress. Lately, I like to look for higher quality items. If I can, maybe, silk tops, vintage purses. I'm feeling vintage leather purses right now, or vintage basket purses.

Jennie: You heard it hear first!

On selling vintage clothing via Instagram...

Hana: Sometimes I get pissed when I'm on Pinterest and I see stuff that's cute and I keep clicking it hoping it takes me to a link, and then I can never buy it. I'm like, 'Damn. Why? Why did you even show me?'

Jennie: Is it hard to let go of some things?

Hana: Yes. Yeah, I don't think I've ever sold anything I was really sad about parting with, but every now and then I'll go through stuff and I'm just not at the point where I'm ready to sell it yet - even though I probably will. I get a little hoard-y sometimes with some stuff. For the most part, I'll buy it (and) even though its really pretty, I'll already know I'm going to sell it. So it kind of helps from thinking, 'Oh, I'll just keep it.' I bought it with the mindset of selling it.

Jennie: It kind of legitimizes going out and hunting and buying stuff. Now it's part of my side hustle.

Jennie: It's OK to leave a store without buying anything, right?

Hana: Oh yeah. I do that more than I ever have before, because I don't want to buy stuff anymore just to buy. I want it to be really special. I definitely leave stores without buying anything. I prefer to walk out with an item in hand.

Hana: Don't be afraid of the thrift stores that look super sketchy and don't be afraid to really get in there and flip through every single shirt or whatever rack you're looking at ... all of the best things I've found have come from the sketchiest looking places ... don't be afraid of the dirt! Just get in there!