Savannah's swimsuit round-up pt. 2

Photo by Jennie McKeon

In case you haven’t heard, swimwear is my life.

The only thing I love more than shopping for swimsuits is wearing them. I follow Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue as if my life depends on it.

Although I've never graced the magazine’s pages, I have created my own swimsuit issue. See part one.

Check out my latest swimwear finds.

Two Piece Mafia

Wearing this cheeky swimsuit took a little coconut confidence, as my photographer called it.

Yes, there is rum inside that coconut from Raw & Juicy in Seaside.

This sultry one-piece swimsuit comes with confidence included. Red is my power color, and this picante shade really pops. The suit has a sexy, flattering shape.

When I first pulled out the swimsuit, I had no earthly idea how to assemble it. Once I figured it out, I wanted two.

You won’t blend in with the crowd wearing this number.

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Black Bough Swim

This baby pink color had me at hello. The color even inspired me to purchase a pink strawberry, cream-filled doughnut from Five Daughters Bakery in Seaside — which was insanely delicious by the way (and vegan).

This bikini is the perfect combination of delicate and sexy. Not to mention, it’s as soft as silk sheets.

Black Bough Swim is an affordable, quality brand. Its swimwear features high-quality fabric in flattering colors. I plan to order more from that brand.

I not only felt feminine, but also seductive.

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Black Bough Swim

I plan to wear this red bikini a lot.

The twisted top flatters my chest, and red is my favorite color. What I like most about this particular swimsuit is that it stands out without looking like you’re trying too hard.

It’s comfortable, laidback and vibrant — what more could you want?

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Andi Bagus

I think Cleopatra would wear this swimsuit.

I chose this gold, lace-up bikini, because it didn’t look like any other swimsuit I’ve seen. The sexy top resembles a corset with its lace-up detail, and the bottom is more intricate than most plain bottoms.

Plus, gold makes me feel like a queen.

When I received the swimsuit, I was pleasantly surprised with the bow tie on the back of the top. It was an extremely soft, comfortable material that felt high-end.

I’ve already mentioned in my previous swimsuit round-up how much I like Andi Bagus swimwear and beachwear. Not only is the brand cost-effective, but it also employs local Bali artisans. Pretty neat.

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