'I Don't Want to Be Hurt Anymore'

Title: “I Don’t Want to Be Hurt Anymore”

Artist: Nat King Cole

Release date: 1964

Favorite track: “You're My Everything"

“I Don’t Want to Be Hurt Anymore” wasn’t Nat King Cole’s most successful album — not commercially, not musically.

It’s a bit slow-paced, a bit predictable and a bit simplistic. But, if you like Cole’s voice, I also don’t think you will find anything not to like. The back album cover describes his style as “warm hued, easy lilting ballads,” and I think that’s accurate.

Because of its (at times) lighthearted, enchanting music, this album won’t drag you into a deep sorrow. But, because of its somber, sometimes pessimistic lyrics and all too steady pace, it won’t raise your spirits either.

It’s still a lovely listen.


This is a lullaby of a record.

It’s slow-paced, dreamy and features Cole’s deep, soothing vocals. It also features the orchestra and chorus of Ralph Carmichael, according to the back cover. Most of these songs were not written by Cole.

I truly adore the simplicity of the title track. Cole softly sings a short set of lyrics to which many can relate.

I’ve been fooled many times by your charms

I know if I kissed you

I might not resist you

I don’t want to be hurt anymore

— “I Don’t Want to Be Hurt Anymore”

This song sets the tone for the record. “You’re Crying on My Shoulder” is of the same vein, in which Cole’s love is crying on his shoulder about someone else.

I like the title, “I’m Alone Because I Love You,” but I’m not a huge fan of a chorus with this style of music. I think Cole’s voice sounds stronger in the verses without it. The chorus is the most beneficial in “I Don’t Want to See Tomorrow.”

“Was That the Human Thing to Do?” is another catchy title with lyrics that emit the golden rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s oddly upbeat for a song that evokes a feeling of cruelty.

Never thought that anyone in their right mind

Could ever treat another human so unkind

Didn’t you sneak away and leave a note behind

Was that the human thing to do?

— “Was That the Human Thing to Do?”

“Don’t You Remember?” is a charmer. It’s as cute as a Christmas song of the same era. He does mention the month of December, but the lyrics are admittedly not so optimistic.

“You’re My Everything” is my favorite. It’s an ode of love to someone who is the subject’s “winter, summer, spring.”

You’re my everything

Everything I need

You’re the song I sing

And the book I read

— “You’re My Everything”

The record concludes with a song that has the same notion as the title and opening track, “I’m All Cried Out.”

I’m not a huge fan of the album, but I don’t hate it. Some of the songs bring a smile, as they remind me of my Elvis Presley favorites from childhood.


The album cover features a pensive photo of Cole that fits with the downer nature of the record.