If you like Heart, you might like Larkin Poe

If you enjoy the music of Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, then you might also enjoy the music of Megan and Rebecca Lovell of Larkin Poe.

It was hard not to make this comparison — and I almost didn’t for the sake of not being predictable.

But, here it is.

If you like Heart, you might like Larkin Poe.

I could easily compare powerful blues-rock duo Larkin Poe to a blues heavyweight like Janis Joplin or Bonnie Raitt, or a 1960s rock band like The Allman Brothers Band or The Rolling Stones — and those wouldn’t be wrong. If you like those musicians, my money says you will like Larkin Poe, too. Those might even be more accurate. I’m also so impressed with this band that I have no qualms about comparing them to former hit-makers.

But, I can’t deny Heart is the first band that comes to mind. Here’s why:

Like Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, Larkin Poe is a sister-based band composed of Rebecca and Megan Lovell. Rebecca is the multi-instrumental lead singer, and Megan sings harmony along with killing it on the steel guitar.

Ann of Heart and Rebecca of Larkin Poe both have powerful, soulful and recognizable vocals. I think it goes without saying, though, that neither of these women overpowers nor supersedes their equally dominant musical accompaniment.

Like Ann and Nancy, I see Rebecca and Megan rockin’ into their 60s.

I should be clear when I make this comparison that Larkin Poe is far more blues than classic rock, but you can’t take the rock out of the blues. The Nashville band’s 2019 album, “Venom & Faith,” is an excellent example of this genre merge.

Larkin Poe has four studio albums, starting with the 2014 record, “Kin,” which they re-released in 2016 as “Reskinned.” They also put out “Peach” in 2017 and “Venom & Faith” in 2018. They get better with every album.

Songwise, I’ll give you a starting point.

If you like Heart’s edgy “Barracuda,” listen to Larkin Poe’s “Don’t” from its debut album, “Kin.”

If you like Heart’s “Crazy on You,” listen to Larkin Poe’s “Freedom” from its 2017 album, “Peach.”

If you like Heart’s “Alone,” listen to Larkin Poe’s “Stubborn Love” from “Kin.”

If you like Heart’s “Little Queen,” listen to Larkin Poe’s “Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues” from “Venom & Faith.”

If you like Heart’s “Heartless,” listen to “Sugar High” from “Kin.”